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Ray Flash Logo imageThe NEW Universal RayFlash
Ringflash Adapter for portable flash units


A truly portable ringflash solution for Fashion, Beauty, Portrait, Wedding and Macro photography. The RayFlash Ringflash Adapter is made to fit all shoe-mounted flash units (Speedlites) and almost all cameras.

There are two models of the RayFlash, which differ slightly in height to accommodate all DSLR cameras. The RFU-S has a short neck suitable for most cameras. The RFU-L has a long neck for high body cameras. Both models have a height-adjustable neck for minor variations in camera height.

See the RayFlash product leaflet pdf for more information.

The RayFlash is light weight making the camera easy to hold and both hands are left free to operate the camera and lens. Light loss is only 1-stop!

Price £99.00 incl. VAT


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