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KAST - Professional Lighting Accessories

Square & Rectangular SoftboxessQUARE SOFTBOX IMAGE
(for Bowens and Elinchrom only.)

60cm x 60cm - £42.00+VAT
90cm x 90cm -

60cm x 90cm - £48.00+VAT
Octaganol softbox image

Octangle Softboxes 
(for Bowens and Elinchrom only.)

95cm diameter – £55.00+VAT
120cm diameter – £66.00+VAT
150cm diameter – £78.00+VAT
170cm diameter – £90.00+VAT

50cm x 130cm - £54.00+VAT
(Price includes Speed Ring - Bowens and Elinchrom only.)

Portable Box Light Tent

Images of Portable Box Light Tents

It has never been so easy to take quick and sharp product pictures in a studio or on location. The high quality 80cm Light Tent, which simply pops up, is constructed with double sided diffusion material, with a velvet type finish inside to minimize reflections, and is supplied with four different coloured non-reflective backgrounds, which give an infinity-type curve inside the tent.

This professional Light Tent is an ideal solution for photographing small objects, either for publications or websites. It allows the operater to control light from all directions, even from below. The tensioned, diffused material means the reflections from most reflective surfaces are kept to a minimum, giving no shadows if desired. The front can also be masked to prevent reflections from camera or operator. After use, the tent can be easily folded away in the case provided. The kit comprises the Light Tent, four backgrounds (black, white, blue and red), a front diffuser and case.

80cm Round Light Tent  Price: only £46.00+VAT

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