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square oneThe Square One

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The Square One is a 1ft. X 1ft. fluorescent panel light for ENG use. Mains or battery operated. It comes with daylight tubes and reflective barndoors.  

Featuring eight 5/8" diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver optimum and predictable broadcast quality light.




The most cost-effective and efficient studio lighting

Running costs are 90% less than conventional tungsten lighting, due to low energy consumption, very low heat output and a much reduced air conditioning requirement. High colour rendering index lamps are suitable for television, film, video, stills and digital image recording.

Lamps are cool running and flicker free, with a choice of tungsten or daylight colour balance. Average lamp life is 10,000 hours with near constant colour temperature.Choice of control systems: Dimming by phase control, local or remote via DMX512. Carefully designed reflectors give bright light output.

Range of luminaires with optional accessories for every application.

The Highlight Range

The Highlight range is available as standard with manual operation yoke for use in lower height studios, or with floor stands. For larger studios where pole operation is required, just add ordering suffix P. As well as our standard black/red studio finish,we also offer the option of a white finish, which is more suitable for architectural applications, such as presentation suites and display areas. White finish lampheads are manufactured to order using the ordering suffix W.

Highlight Range image

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The best light –
the very best performance

The compact fluorescent lamps we provide offer the very best performance. Continuous spectrum light output gives outstanding colour rendition (CRI 93-98 group 1A) for the most demanding application, with virtually constant colour temperature throughout the long lamp life of approximately 10,000 hours.

Two colour temperatures as standard fitments, 3000K to balance with tungsten (ordering suffix T), or 5400K to balance with daylight (ordering suffix D).

Colour temperature remains almost unchanged when lamps are dimmed, greatly simplifying lighting balance. Flicker free operation is guaranteed by high frequency electronic lamp ballasts, which drive the lamps at 85 kHz, suitable for even the most demanding high speed photography.

Versatile control systems

You can choose the perfect system for your application:

Phase control dimming to operate from conventional forward/leading edge dimmers. Ideal for replacing tungsten lighting in existing studios, each luminaire includes a switchable ballast load resistor of 38 watts for stable triac dimming.

Local dimming is the most economical option where remote control is not required. Each Highlight has a local fader to allow full dimming from 100% to 5% with near constant colour temperature.

Control panel images

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The Radiant Fluorescent SpotlightRadiant Fluorescent Spotlight 1Radiant Fluorescent Spotlight 2Radiant Fluorescent Spotlight 3


The Radiant 170 is a true fluorescent spotlight, ideal as a key or back light, or wherever long throws are required.The soft edge beam and 4000K lamps are particularly flattering to skin tones and texture. It is the perfect complement to the Highlight series, offering the same advantages of low power consumption and cool running.

The 170 version uses four 42Watt lamps and a more specular reflector to give better performance, though the lamphead can be fitted with 32Watt lamps to give a Radiant 130, if preferred.

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