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The range of Q-650 portable, halogen lighting fixtures with their full complement of accessories are designed to meet the challenge of the most demanding photographic and video shoots. Q-lights can be used as powerful back or key lights, as fill or side lights, using a selection of accessories. They are also a good choice for use with booms, on the top of sets or for lighting backgrounds. The wide selection of accessories modify and control the light beam further enhances the versatility of Q-Lights: barndoors, soft boxes, honeycomb grids, umbrellas and gel filters.

Type of light:
open face hard light, multi purpose
Lamp type:
halogen - GX6, 35 lamp holder socket
Fixture voltage:
220-230 Volts (115-120 Volts on request)
Lamp wattage:
300W - 650W Fuse: 5 Amp
parabolic aluminium alloy etched and anodised
Lamp safety protection:
removable safety glass cover
1200 grams (2,6 lb)
H07RN-F - 3x1 sq mm - length 250cm (98")
stirrup allows 360° rotation without reflector and includes 16mm (5/8") socket with safety lock
normal air flow

Q Lighting: Q-650 imageQ-Light - kit image

Q-Lights are available separately or in handy kits of 3 heads plus accessories and lightweight stands all contained in a padded bag for transportation.

Lighting kit Code 1101
(KIT Q-650) comprises:
2 Q-650 fixture (code 1000)
2 Wide angle reflector (code 1012)
2 Junior 6 Stand (code 1046)
2 Halogen lamp 650W (code 992)
1 Padded bag to contain everything (code 1043)

Q650 Kit £365.00+VAT
Q650 Kit with Soft Box £425.00+VAT

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